Preparing for an Iron Butt

Posted in: Bike Trip by admin on October 01, 2008

An IronButt is a series of rides orchestrated by the Iron Butt Association or IBA.  They test the physical capability’s of a motorcycle rider with their numerous endurance certifications.  I specifically will be attempting the most common (and easiest) SaddleSore & Bunburner. These rides are 1000 miles in under 24 hours / 1500 miles in under 36 hours respectively.

Preparing for endurance rides is critical to ensure most importantly safety, and also a successful completion.

Mostly I have been preparing by riding every day I can, and my longest trip being 545Mi.  Whenever there is a nuance to my comfort, I correct it.  When you ride that long and hard, a minor thing can turn into a real big problem.

The trip.

I fell into some vacation time that I needed to use or lose, (more…)

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