WinSXS is Huge!

Posted in: Uncategorized by admin on September 21, 2008

When the free space on my aging 70Gig Raptor was reduced to 1Gig, I knew something was up.  The only things I have on C: is Windows Vista, basic apps, Steam games, and iTunes.

Using my favorite Hard Drive visualization software SpaceMonger (the free version). I saw some mysterious Windows folder called WinSXS taking up 13Gig’s, and it wasn’t the Hibernation file.

In as few words as possible, it is Microsoft’s fix for DLL Hell, and saves over 50,000 dll files…just in case.

If you want to reduce the amount of files in here, there is two things you can do.  Fresh install of Vista, or run the SP1 cleanup tool.

Vista SP1 Cleanup Tool instructions:

***NOTE: After you use this cleanup tool, you will no longer be able to remove Service Pack 1, should any problems occur. Make sure that the system is stable before using.

***NOTE 2: This tool is a one-time use tool. Once it’s used it will no longer work on the same installation.

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Windows\System32.  Look for the file “vsp1cln.exe” for Vista SP1 or “compcln.exe” for Vista SP2.

Right click this file and select the ‘Run As Administrator’ option.

The Vista Service Pack 1 Cleanup Tool will remove all of the redundant files that it has replaced.

The amount of disk space you gain will depend on the system, what programs are installed, etc.

Running the cleanup tool freed up almost 3 gig’s.  Was hoping for more, but it is not bad.

As for iTunes, you can follow thease simple steps to move its files (Music) to a storage drive.

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